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Creativity is a joy ride.

Based in Vermont, KaraMia is a graphic design studio that hand pours small runs of scented soy candles and illustrates greeting cards. All created with love by Kara Christie Murphy – the graphic designer behind KaraMia.


In 2017, KaraMia started making candles to give handmade gifts to family and friends. People kept asking to buy more candles for their peeps! That crafty impulse sparked a business adventure that pulls on KaraMia’s natural instincts. As a stress baker, KaraMia really digs making candles because the mindful process is similar to baking – just follow the recipe and share the rewards.

KaraMia believes in the power of creativity. Ideas are energy; each one sparks another for a creative joy ride. With a background in marketing for global brands and a foothold in the publishing industry, KaraMia’s Portfolio showcases her lifelong love of publication design, graphic illustration and commitment to inclusive excellence. Her online Cook Book is a collection of her favorite recipes.



Kara Christie Murphy
is KaraMia

Kara Christie Murphy is the graphic designer, brand manager, event producer and candle maker behind KaraMia. A study aboard program in Italy during college gave KaraMia more than just a nickname (in Italian, cara mia means my dear). That trip sparked her wanderlust and motivated her to work with international firms in publishing and high-tech. After travelling for nearly 20 years for college and career, she returned to Vermont – one of the world’s best kept secrets.


Chief Security Officer

As CSO, Pixel quietly monitors every coming and going at KaraMia. Also known as Pickles, her kitty super power is how she overcomes her shyness to carefully inspect every box. Her inherent attraction for cardboard supersedes her instinct to hide just long enough to give her the courage to check out a new box; then, quickly disappear when her job is done. We love Pixel. Sadly, Pixel passed onto the Rainbow Bridge in 2022. We are grateful for the time she was with us and miss her sweetness.


Chief Fun Officer

As CFO, Libby is a reliable happy helper who brings her bouncy personality to everything going on at KaraMia. Also known as Libs, Libbers, Liberty and Golden Nugget, her puppy super powers are her ability to hear a delivery truck from blocks away and to sniff out the cat (an expert hider). We love Libby. She mindfully tackles life with love, joy and tenacity. She uses her big brown eyes to sweetly remind KaraMia when it is time to play because creativity flows best away from the computer.

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