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Just Bake It

I love to bake, and I bake with love. As a kid, I was pulled into baking by my Mom because she let me lick the bowl, which is still one of my biggest joys. I dig how all of my senses come alive when I’m baking – from mindfully measuring and mixing to happily inhaling the sweet aroma that fills my home. Most of all, I enjoy how people’s eyes light up when I share my baked treats. Posting my recipes online gives me an opportunity to revisit old faves, recreate food memories and test out new ideas. As a graphic designer, a cook book is a dream project because it merges two of my passions: publication design and baking. Instead of waiting to get hired to design a cook book, I’m just going to bake it myself.

Throw back pics of KaraMia baking:

LEFT Hip, hip, hooray…! An excuse to make a bunny cake. With my bro on Easter. 1977.

MIDDLE Rockin’ the Lady Di haircut with my Cheesy Burger Bday Cake. 1983.

RIGHT Celebrating my college roommate’s bday with ice-cream-cone cupcakes…with big hair! 1988.

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